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Friday, October 16th, 2009 at 5:52 am

the factory forum

The factory forum is more or less functional.  If you log into the factory4 web site or the factory4 forum, you’re automatically logged into both.

It doesn’t look like the factory4 website just yet, but we’ll get to that eventually…  so,so,so much to do!

Random Blogs

On the factory4 home page there should be a little dice icon.  Click on it, and you will be transported to a random blog at factory4.  Of course, there ain’t much randomness yet.

Featured Blogs

The home page has a short excerpt from the lastest post of one of the factory4 blogs. (look for it in the 2nd column, under the dice)  It’s not quite what we need it to do yet, but it’s one more thing on the “to do” list


Not here yet.

A featured request,  but I’m not exactly sure what we want it to do.  Probably because I don’t really use facebook that much, and don’t understand the fascination.

Maybe someone who is a faithful facebook follower (how’s that for alliteration) can tell me how they think it should be tied in.

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One Response to “New Stuff”

  1. Lee Lee says:

    We can have posts made here that show up on facebook, photos moved from facebook to here, post your current facebook status (whatever that is), show wall posts, photos moved from here to facebook, trade rss news feeds, put \share this\ buttons (I don’t know what that is neither, but I see it all the time – being selfish I want it all for myself) and much more

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